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ACS Landscape Management is a fully licensed fertilizing company specializing in turf care. We work closely with our supply partner to provide our customers with custom fertilization programs. Our licensed applicators follow these program guidelines to maximize the benefit to our customers.

Lawn Care Program

Early Spring
The early spring application will promote spring green up and recovery from winter stress. Included is preventative crabgrass control to protect the lawn from crabgrass.

During this period of the year, we will apply a balanced fertilizer to promote color, thickness, and overall good health of the lawn. In addition to feeding the lawn, we will treat for broadleaf weeds.

Late Spring/Early Summer
We will fertilize your lawn now to prepare it for the stress of the summer ahead. We will also treat for any weeds or surface feeding insects, including grubs, as needed. We will diagnose any disease issues and treat them appropriately.

During the summer months, we use a specially designed summer fertilizer for this normally dry period. We will look for weeds, surface feeding insects, and disease.

Late Summer/Early Fall
During the fall, your lawn will need a balanced feeding to recover from the stress of summer. This treatment is designed to encourage recovery and green up your lawn. We will continue to spot treat for weeds.

Late Fall

The continued feeding into late fall encourages color, thickness, and overall health. These fall feedings help prepare the lawn for the winter months ahead.


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